Украинские дизайнеры организуют модный показ в San Diego
2023-09-21 Local news

Ukrainian designers organize fashion show in San Diego

San Diego, October 7 - cultural museum House of Ukraine invites you to the fashion show "Healing through Art" by Ukrainian designers.

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As part of Healing through Art, Ukrainian designers and House of Ukraine have planned a fashion show and exhibition in San Diego. They are dedicated to the important theme of healing and support for the Ukrainian people.

Clothing and jewelry by such outstanding designers as Olesia Hryn', Khrystyna Rachytska, Oksana Rushinets, and jewelry by Orysia Valovka will present a vivid example of Ukrainian art and traditions.

And the exhibition will explore the influence of Ukrainian traditional clothing and crafts on the work of these masters. Participants of the event will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of Ukrainian culture and art through the prism of design and jewelry craftsmanship.

The peculiarity of "Healing through Art" is that all funds raised will go to support vital programs of House of Ukraine. That is, the provision of medicines, humanitarian aid. As well as programs for children who have suffered as a result of war. Every contribution at this event will be an important help for those who need support today.

House of Ukraine
Join House of Ukraine in promoting the important mission of presenting Ukrainian culture and helping those in need!

House of Ukraine is a museum that aims to provide the public with information about Ukraine's rich cultural heritage. Located in Balboa Park in San Diego, it is a member of House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, Inc. And actively brings Ukrainian culture and history to the attention of thousands of California residents.

Tickets for the San Diego Fashion Show and Expo can only be purchased online through October 6. Regular adult tickets are $100 per person.

The venue for the event is the concert hall at 2130 Pan American W Rd, San Diego, CA 92101..

"Healing through Art" is not only a fascinating fashion show, but also an opportunity to support important programs for those who need help. Come and join the House of Ukraine, the Socium.Network team and join the bright event!