Не карнавал, но близко. На уличной ярмарке в городе Orange будет “жарко”
2023-08-31 Local news

Not a carnival, but close. It's going to be hot at the street fair in the city of Orange

Orange International Street Fair is back. And this weekend it will once again treat street party lovers to food from different cultures and good music.

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The history of the Orange International Street Fair has been 51 years in the making. In 1973, the City of Orange was looking for ideas on how to celebrate its centennial. Inspired by the 1910 street fair, community leaders decided that the city would hold an OISF International Street Fair to celebrate the date. The tradition has been a constant ever since.

Orange International Street Fair

Every year the fair gathers thousands of visitors and participants of this action. In pre-Christian times - about 400 thousand visitors. Usually, it is assigned a specific theme. However, it will not be in 2023. As the organizers note, this year a special emphasis is placed on international tastes and cultural exchange. In addition to, for example, the Australian and Lebanese zones with dishes and music typical of these countries, Brazil will be represented at the fair. Visitors will therefore be able to sample traditional Latin American cuisine.

Orange International Street Fair

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In general there will be lots of delicious food from different cultures (Asian, Polynesian, Italian, etc.) from 30 produce vendors. And that's just one reason why it's worth attending the action.

Another reason is the vibrant music program and arts and crafts booths. Only handmade items of the highest quality will be presented. Therefore, we advise you not to miss it. Especially since Orange International Street Fair is a family event. It will be interesting for both you and children.

Orange International Street Fair

The fair will be located near Plaza Park in the historic downtown area. On Friday, September 1, it will be open from 17:00 to 22:00. On Saturday and Sunday, September 2-3, it will be open from 10:00 to 22:00.

Socium.Network team advises you to bring your good mood and join the celebration! Will you come?

Image: facebook.com/orangestreetfair/photos