Пассажиров в аэропорту Santa Ana стало больше
2023-07-31 Local news

There are more passengers at Santa Ana airport.

More than one million passengers passed through John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana last month. At the same time, the number of flights decreased.

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According to official information on the airport's website, passenger traffic at John Wayne Airport showed positive trends in June 2023. It increased by 5.8% compared to June 2022. The airfield served 1,059,277 passengers, when in June last year it served only 1,001,249.

The number of commercial airplanes in June 2023 totaled 8,282, a 2.4% increase compared to the same period in 2022. On the other hand, the number of commuter vessels decreased by 9.4% to 414.

It is true that the total number of aircraft flights in June this year was down 11.6% compared to June 2022.

But in terms of passenger numbers, the leaders in June 2023 were:

  • Southwest Airlines with 326,481 on board.
  • American Airlines with 179,224 passengers
  • and United Airlines with 153,916 people on board.

For the convenience of travelers, we offer maps of the terminal, ground transportation and parking at John Wayne Airport.

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John Wayne Airport continues to attract passengers. It is utilizing a new traffic management system that has helped reduce delays. However, it still suffers from a lack of capacity and this could lead to delays in the future. The airport is 14 miles (23 kilometers) from Orange Counry's biggest tourist attraction, Disneyland. And serves both Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. The original name of the airfield was Orange County Airport. In 1979, the Orange County Board of Supervisors renamed the airport in honor of actor John Wayne, who lived nearby and died that year.

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