Озеро Tulare в Калифорнии снова наполнено водой
2023-07-28 Global news

Lake Tulare in California is filled with water again

Lake Tulare, which was drained in the 1800s, is once again filled with water. This was due to an abnormally snowy winter and a series of storms.

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Now Tulare covers an area of about 460 square kilometers. This is one fifth of its historical size. According to scientists' research, such a volume of the lake will be maintained throughout the year," some sources write.

Historically, Tulare was the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. It covered an area of over 3,000 square miles. And was home to a variety of fauna, including fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Here are some interesting facts about Lake Tulare:

  • The Lake Tulare region was inhabited about 10,000 years ago.
  • Prior to 1899, the lake was dry except for remnants of wetlands and occasional flooding.
  • Three nations of Yokuts inhabited the Lake Tulare area. The Wolof on the southern edge, the Chunut on the east, and the Tachi on the north and west.
  • The lake's dry lake ball has an area of 690 square miles (1,780 km 2).
  • Lake Tulare has appeared during times of extremely high precipitation or snowmelt, as was the case after floods in 1969, 1983, 1997, and 2023.

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The draining of the lake was caused by a combination of factors, including the construction of irrigation canals and agricultural development. This has resulted in the destruction of important habitat for many plant and animal species. As well as reducing water quality in the area.

Although Lake Tulare has only recently been filled, it has already become inhabited by local fauna. In addition, members of the Yokuts, who live on the Santa Rosa Rancheria reservation, have begun to raise fish in the lake.

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