Разойдутся по всему побережью Калифорнии в поисках… мусора
2023-09-11 Local news

They'll be all over the California coast looking for, uh. garbage

On September 23, the annual Coastal Cleanup Day will be held throughout California. Volunteers will pick up trash at dozens of beaches.

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Along with many others, Orange County volunteers will join the statewide effort. The cleanup will include Huntington Beach, Santa Ana Gardens Channel, San Clemente Pier, Bolsa Chica State Beach and other locations. So if you have a desire to spend time doing a good and worthwhile activity, find like-minded people, have fun at the end of the day, look for your beach here.

The essence of the campaign is to bring attention to litter issues along the state's coasts and to engage the entire community. Join the movement for an environment where people and ecosystems can coexist and thrive!

День очистки побережья

The statewide Coastal Cleanup Day event is organized annually, in September, by the California Coastal Commission. Orange County Coastkeeper is the regional coordinator of the event in Orange County. Each year, the organization helps manage more than 40 inland and coastal cleanups.

Last year, for example, 5,000 volunteers participated. They cleaned more than forty parks, beaches and streams around Orange County. As a result, more than 26,000 pounds of trash was collected that didn't end up in the ocean. The culmination of the event was the creation of a "Trash Castle". This was an art installation created entirely from reclaimed materials collected from local water resources.

День очистки побережья

Don't wait for someone to do something for you - start from yourself! Socium.Network team is sincerely grateful to everyone who has ever participated in such actions and who plans to join this year. A clean environment is in our hands!

Image: coastkeeper.org