Лучшие выходные: LA ожидает эксклюзивный показ украинской комедии
2023-09-06 Local news

Best Weekend: LA awaits exclusive screening of Ukrainian comedy

Ukrainian cinema travels the world for charity and encourages you to donate to support Ukraine. Come to Los Angeles on September 14. 

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Lumiere Music Hall will host a special charity screening of the movie "The Best Weekend" from FILM UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC. It is being organized in Los Angeles by Ukrainian filmmakers from DOVZHENKO League. The main goal is for Ukrainians to once again enjoy our movies and continue to donate to help Ukraine.

"The Best Weekend Ever" is a comedy that is infused with love and music. The movie consists of four stories of unrelated people who happen to cross paths.

According to the plot, a guy from Germany volunteers at Atlas Weekend in order to fall in love with the girl-organizer. But in return he loses the foreign headliner of the festival... The guys from Krivoy Rog organize a legendary bachelor party. But they quarrel like children and fight like adults. A young woman from Odessa is looking for a rocker dad, whom she hasn't seen and idealized for 10 years. A career woman from Lviv arrives for the most important job interview of her life. But her younger brother thwarts her plans.

This is going to be our heroes' craziest journey and their best weekend yet!

лучшие выходные показ

Starring Daria Petrozhitskaya, Irma Vitovskaya, Elias Reichert, Alina Cheban, Georgy Hostikoev, Natalia Babenko, Taras Denisyuk, Maxim Devizorov, Alexander Rudinsky, Maxim Kirichenko. Also in episodic roles you will see Verka Serduchka, Pyvovarov, Onuka, Alyona Alyona, The Hardkiss, Vitaliy Klytschko and many others!

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The picture was released two weeks before the full-scale invasion. Filming took place in Kiev, creating a love letter to a city that will never be the same again....

Tickets for the screening can be purchased at this link. 100% of the funds raised will go to help Ukraine.

Come to the charity screening of the Ukrainian movie "The Best Weekend" and you too. Perhaps the Socium.Network team will be there too!

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