“Украинкой я родилась”, – споет в San Diego народная артистка Украины
2023-08-28 Local news

"I was born a Ukrainian," the People's Artist of Ukraine will sing in San Diego

It became known that in October, as part of the world tour United for Ukraine, Oksana Bilozir will come to San Diego

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Oksana Bilozir will perform in San Diego on October 13 as part of the intercontinental radio festival of Ukrainian songs in the United States "Spivay ridnoyu". The venue of the concert is not yet reported. However, it should be noted that last year Bilozir also came to the United States with similar charity concerts in support of Ukraine.

For reference: Oksana Bilozir - People's Artist of Ukraine (1994), former People's Deputy of Ukraine. In 2005 - Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. The artist started her concert activity in 1979, being a soloist of Vatra VIA. The group was founded by her first husband Igor Bilozir.

Оксана Билозир San Diego

In 1990, the singer sang the most popular of her songs - "Ukrainochka" by composer Hennadiy Tatarchank. The lyrics of the song contain the words "I was taken captive by more than one khan, I was killed and driven to a foreign land, I was killed and driven to a foreign land, But I was not subdued, I was reborn from tears, I was born a Ukrainian". Today, unfortunately, they are perceived quite differently than in those years.

In 1994, Bilozir became the lead singer of the Oksana band. In total, she has released 15 albums, DVDs, and 10 music films. Among the most famous songs are "Rowan Night", "Oh, there in Lviv, on the High Castle", "Make a Wish". Other songs include "Oh Green Rye, Green Rye," "Tenderly," "Father's Song," and others.

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