“Нет” хаосу на дороге между Невадой и Южной Калифорнией
2023-08-28 Local news

"No" to chaos on the road between Nevada and Southern California

If you want to travel between Las Vegas and Southern California, know this: an additional transportation corridor is open.

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Travelers will be able to use a new lane on I-15 between the two states of Nevada and Southern California on some days of the week. Beginning August 27, it will be open every Sunday and Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This was announced by the California Department of Transportation on its Twitter page. In this way, the department hopes to avoid traffic jams and make life easier for drivers.

But social media users expressed some dissatisfaction:
- Why not every day? Doesn't make sense! (about the open lane between Nevada and Southern California - ed.).
- Will commercial vehicles be able to use this "part time" or are we still stuck in the right lane?
- Still refusing to widen I-15, huh?

It's impossible to please everyone, as always.

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Meanwhile, contractors are completing work on the I-215 bypass interchange between Rancho California Rd & Murrieta Hot Springs Rd, which will result in overnight road closures August 27-31.

Note also that California plans to invest more than $3.1 billion in projects to rebuild and modernize the state's transportation infrastructure, making it safer, more resilient and more reliable.

Socium.Network team continues to monitor traffic in Southern California.

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Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal