Споем а капелла вместе с Pentatonix. Кто с нами?
2023-08-24 Local news

A cappella with Pentatonix. Who's in?

American a cappella group Pentatonix will visit Irvine as part of a tour of U.S. cities. It will take place on September 11.

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The world-renowned band's big concert itinerary began August 22 in Toronto, Canada and will conclude December 21 in Austin, Texas. In total, Pentatonix will perform at 36 venues across the country, and of course will stop by Irvine, Orange County.

That being said, the band will also unveil its upcoming album, "The Greatest Christmas Hits," when it sings at Acrisure Arena at Thousand Palms in California on Nov. 14. The compilation will be released back on October 20 and will contain 23 holiday favorites for many. Also, much to the delight of fans, eight new songs.

By the way, Pentatonix is known for their pop arrangements, bass lines, riffs, vocal percussion and beatboxing. They create covers of contemporary pop songs and Christmas songs. Sometimes as medleys along with original material. The band has already released more than 10 albums and organized numerous tours in support of them. Their debut album "PTX Vol.1" sold 20,000 copies in the first week after its release.

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Pentatonix also has a platinum album, "A Pentatonix Christmas". The most famous was a cover of the song "Hallelujah". As of today, it has 717 million views on Youtube. Their arrangement of the Ukrainian Christmas tune "Shchedrik" has also become popular, and listening to it always gives you goosebumps. This hit became world famous thanks to the composer Mykola Leontovich. But in the English-speaking world it is known as Carol of the Bells.

12 days ago Pentatonix unveiled a new original single titled “I Rise”. It has now been listened to 129,000 times on Youtube.

I Rise cover

Look for ticket information about the tour on the band's official website.

Socium.Network team recommends that you don't miss the opportunity to attend this concert and hear Pentatonix sing uniquely in Irvine on September 11.

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Image: home.ptxofficial.com