Борьба с пожаром в парке Santiago Oaks
2023-07-20 Local news

Fighting a fire in Santiago Oaks Park

A fire broke out south of Anaheim in Santiago Oaks Park, covering up to 4 hectares. Rescuers from across Orange County fought the blaze.

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This was reported by Patch media, citing Captain Robert Prendergast of the Orange Fire Department. The fire broke out in Santiago Oaks Park, around Kendra Loop and Serrano Avenue, on Tuesday, July 11. Within an hour, firefighters had stopped the spread of the element, noted Orange's chief lifeguard.

Some brigades remained to suppress the remaining sources of fire.

There were also numerous helicopters operating in the Anaheim area.

In the comments of the Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department's Twitter post, social media users wrote, "Impressive response to a relatively small fire. They brought out the "heavy artillery" quickly!

There are no injuries reported. Nor is there any danger to residents at this time. The fire has reminded us of the importance of being careful. Our team Socium.Network urges heeding the advice of lifeguards.

Photo: Twitter City of Anaheim.