Молодые архитекторы Калифорнии меняют жизнь бездомных
2023-07-20 Local news

Young architects in California are changing the lives of homeless people

Future Citrus College architects are making a social contribution. They are creating portable showers for the homeless in Orange Country.

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Together with Hillside Los Angeles and Cal State Los Angeles, Citrus College students and other concerned people took on a big social project for the homeless. Namely, installing and furnishing trailers with shower stalls. One of these projects for use by the homeless will be at the Orange County Hillside Congregation. The other will be in El Sereno, Los Angeles County.

Shower trailers use green energy and are charged by solar panels. In addition, the installed solar panels reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

One trailer will have two cabins equipped with a special water chamber. Thanks to this social project, homeless people will have access to basic hygiene products. And the architecture students will get practical skills and will have a plus one project in their portfolio.

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In fact, this social project is about social responsibility, humanity, fighting homelessness, helping those in need. And not only those in need of food, jobs, housing, but also basic hygiene. Students, professional engineers, Hillside Church, and volunteers together make a significant contribution to the social sphere of their district.

Activists and volunteers also collect donations of clothing and food, which are then distributed free of charge to the homeless.

That deserves respect.

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Photo: sgvtribune.com